Terrific Kids

Terrific Kids – Cal Kendall, Chair

This program has operated since 2002. All ten elementary schools in the District have participated. During the school year, over 500 students are recognized in special school assemblies for their exemplary school citizenship. The bumper stickers you see around town that read “I’m the Proud Parent of a TERRIFIC Kid” are one part of the awards package Kiwanis presents to each TERRIFIC Kid.


TERRIFIC Kids – South Colby ES

“TERRIFIC” represents the following achievements and is an acronym for:

                                                                        T = Thoughtful
                                                                        E = Enthusiastic
                                                                        R = Respectful
                                                                        R = Responsible
                                                                        I  = Inclusive
                                                                        F = Friendly
                                                                        I = Inquisitive
                                                                        C = Capable

Students work with their classroom teacher to establish goals to improve behavior, peer relationships, attendance or schoolwork. 

                                                  TERRIFIC Kids – Spring 2024 

                       Thu            May 16              8:50 a.m.            Mullenix ES
                       Fri              May 17              9:20 a.m.            Manchester ES
                       Thu            May 30              2:30 p.m.            South Colby ES