Student of the Month

Student of the Month – Mike Beisley, Chair

Each month during the school year, the club honors middle and high school students selected by their teachers as students of the month. These high achievers are invited to a Kiwanis lunch with their families, recognized and given cash awards; $25 for middle school students and $50 for high school students.

Student of the Month 2023-2024
(At the beginning of our Club Meeting at 12:15 p.m.)

Students of the Month – May 2024
(L-R) Carroll Olson-President, Alyssa, Aria, Catherine, Hailey, Reese, Avary, Mia, Venita

Students of the Month – April 2024
(L-R) Wyatt, Cella, Neo, Charlotte, Samantha, Carl Olson-President-Elect

Students of the Month – March 2024
(L-R) Dallas, Tyler, Darius, Tyler, Madison, Carl Olson-President-Elect, (Chloe, Absent)

Students of the Month – February 2024
(L-R) Fyn, Jaden, Carroll Olson-President, Makenzie, Christine, Lily, Kai

Students of the Month – January 2024

Students of the Month – December 2023

Students of the Month – November 2023